Woman evacuated from Nicholaus building speaks out about her frustrations


SCHENECTADY, NY (NEWS10) – The historic Nicholaus Building in Schenectady is still standing. However, city officials have called it unstable.

You’ll remember last month, people had to be evacuated because the demolition next door caused it to shift.

One of the people who used to live in that building, Amy Pacheco, said she saw it coming. Windows would break and the building would shake very hard, almost as if there was an earthquake.

Since the evacuation, Pacheco has been living out of a hotel which she said has been a very stressful experience.

To adapt, Pacheco’s family members have been bringing her home cooked meals since she has no kitchen.

With five kids, the space at the hotel just hasn’t been enough. Luckily, her employer has covered most of her expenses until she finds a new place to permanently live.

“It’s been horrible. You know, I have two rooms because I have kids split up. My two-year old daughter she just wants to go home , she’s screaming all the time. It’s horrible,” said Pacheco.

News10ABC did reach out to find out what will happen to the building and so far, nobody has returned phone calls.

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