Witness claims to have seen fatal officer-involved shooting in Troy

Credit: Facebook

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A witness contacted NEWS10 claiming they were a witness to an officer-involved shooting that killed Edson Thevenin in Troy.

A person claiming to be a witness contacted NEWS10 ABC reporter Lindsay Nielsen. The two met in person, and the witness showed Lindsay cellphone video.

The witness said they saw the shooting take place and then started filming. Lindsay Nielsen saw the officer in between vehicles in the video. It goes black at one point because the witness said they tried to help at the scene.

But now the sequence of events is coming into question.

The incident took place on April 17. Troy police said Thevenin tried to evade arrest following a traffic stop and pinned Sgt. Randy French with his car. That is when Sgt. French shot and killed Thevenin, police said.

The witness, however, said they saw the officer shoot Thevenin, and then the witness said they saw the car roll forward and pin the officer.

Troy police said no video existed of the shooting incident between Sgt. French and Thevenin. The witness said they tried to help during the incident, and the witness said they gave a statement to Troy police.

Troy Police Chief John Tedesco did not want to talk to NEWS10 on Friday about the witness who came forward.

“Well there is a witness that came forward to me today and some cell phone video so that’s what I was trying to ask about,” Lindsay Nielsen asked the chief outside the police department.

“Nope. No comment. Thanks,” Chief Tedesco said.

The Attorney General’s office confirmed they spoke with a witness prior, but after NEWS10 gave them more information, they now want to speak to the witness and gather new information.

The Attorney General’s office said it does not have the video, yet, but is working to obtain it.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit, which seeks to force Abelove to turn over his investigation into the death of Edson Thevenin.

The family of the Thevenin held a press conference Friday morning. During that press conference, the family says they are trying to find answers and what happened.

Troy Police say they are not responding to the press conference held by the Thevenin family.

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