Albany Pump Station brewery earns several best beer titles in statewide festival

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An Albany brewery has taken top honors statewide.

Scott Veltman is a brewer at Albany Pump Station. He said the brewery is known for its award winning brown ales, but this year, they won best in state by stepping out of the box.

They brewed a beer called the Union Station Quad.

“We started in 2013 with plum, 2014 we did pomegranate, and last year, we did red currant,” Albany Pump Station brewer Ryan Demler said.

On Saturday, red currant took home the Governor’s Brewers’ Cup at the Tap New York Craft Beer and Food Festival. It earned the title of Best Craft Beer in New York State after winning the Best Belgian Beer category.

“This beat out stouts, some of the strong ales, lagers, pilsners, IPAs,” Demler said.

Lack of originality is what Demler and Veltman think made the other beers fizzle out. At 12.2 percent alcohol, the Union Station Quad is not a chugger’s drink. Demler said Albany Pump Station focuses strongly on the science behind the beer.

“It’s a super nice flavored beer,” he said. “It’s really nicely balanced, and it’s something pretty heavily different than the other beers that made it through that round.”

“Tastes like juice,” Veltman said.

It took three months to make the award winner, so Demler and Veltman don’t make it often. It’s so popular, they only have four or five barrels remaining.

The brewery also won Best Strong Scottish Ale, and its brown ale placed second in the Hudson Valley.

“I’ve been at the Pump Station for about a year, and it’s great to bring back some medals to the Pump Station here in Albany,” Veltman said. “To have the best beer in the state is an honor.”

“For us to perform so well this past weekend at the biggest tap event ever, with the most numbers of breweries entered, with the most number of beers entered, was really special for us,” Demler said.

Veltman said they are going to put the Union Station Quad on tap on Thursday because they’ve had several requests for it. Their other winning beers will also be on tap.

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