40 Cases of Mumps diagnosed at Harvard University

University in Cambridge, Mass. The Ivy League school is the alma mater for seven chief executives who led their companies’ IPOs in 2014, more than twice the amount of the next-highest schools in the rankings, according to figures from Equilar, an executive compensation data firm. (AP Photo/Lisa Poole, File)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) – A mumps outbreak at Harvard University has affected 40 members of the school community in the last two months.

Nearly a dozen students were in isolation as of Monday evening.

Harvard first announced in March there were two confirmed cases of mumps at the school. The number has continued to rise despite investigations into the infection’s cause and efforts to isolate affected students.

The public health department in Cambridge, Mass., where Harvard is located, determined a month ago that all infected students to that point had received a mumps vaccine prior to contracting the infection. A department spokeswoman says she hasn’t heard of any confirmed cases in the city unrelated to the Harvard community.

Mumps is a viral infection that causes swelling in the salivary glands and cheeks.

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