Promposal: National trend hits the Capital Region

(NEWS10) – Proposals aren’t just for marriage anymore.

The marriage proposal has been romanticized by Hollywood for decades. Some make you swoon, and others make you giggle. But perhaps the big screen has met its match.

It’s right in the palm of our hands, at the touch of the record button, and its taking place in local schools. It’s the “promposal.”

Promposals are when one student asks another out to high school prom in a very elaborate way.

In a pizza, on the half-court, in a lesson, or served up in a sports game, social media has spread the idea from high school to high school with one couple trying to upstage another.

The trend has become contagious in the Capital Region.

“It’s super exciting to go through Instagram and see all these cute promposals,” Saratoga High School student Megan Brizzel said. “It’s always kind of a little competition to see who’s the biggest one, and I think so far, we’re doing good.”

Josh Sullins “promposed” to Brizzel with the help of the Saratoga Springs High School cheerleading squad. Friends captured it on video.

“I went out there, I made the posters, I said the chant, I had the roses that I bought that morning,” Sullins explained. “I gave it to her, and I saw her face, and I knew it was worth it.”

Her smile said it all.

“He knew what I liked, which was cheer,” Brizzel said. “Cheer is everything to me, and so he involved that and my team, which is great. So it was pretty much perfect.”

Some are skeptical of the trend. Why not save the pomp and circumstance for the big marriage proposal? But today’s teens say times are simply changing, and with them, so is the way kids prep for prom.

Both Brizzel’s and Sullins’s parents approved of the promposal.

Many proms for local districts are late-April or late-May, so time to prompose is now limited.

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