Local man accused of engaging in sex act with child admits to being attracted to children

James Hockenbury plead not guilty in Guilderland Town Court on April 21, 2016. (NEWS10)

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The man police said engaged in a criminal sex act with a 3-year-old admitted to being “sexually attracted to children.”

James Hockenbury was arrested and charged with Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree. Police said he engaged in an oral sex act with a 3-year-old child he was babysitting. The alleged incident took place on April 16 at Westmere Elementary School.

With his eyes to the ground, Hockenbury walked hand-in-hand to Guilderland Town Court with a support system and his attorney on Thursday. He pleaded not guilty to the charge against him.

But his statement to police tells a different story.

According to the felony criminal complaint, Hockenbury wrote he is “sexually attracted to children,” and he “needs help.” In the statement, the 48-year-old said he first discovered his sexual interest for children when he began working at the University at Albany’s daycare service in 2004.

Hockenbury claimed he never acted on his desires until he went to the Westmere school playground with the victim last Saturday. In the complaint, he described in detail what happened that afternoon.

[The criminal complaint Hockenbury gave to police can be read in full below.]

But Hockenbury told police he hated himself afterwards, and he wished it had never happened.

NEWS10 wanted to give the Guilderland Center man a chance to defend himself, but he left court abruptly. His attorney Steve Coffey called the statement outrageous.

“There’s this constant referral to what he wanted to do in the past,” Coffey said. “There’s been no allegation he’s ever done anything in the past. No allegations.”

NEWS10 reporter Rachel Yonkunas asked in response, “But what about the actual incident on April 16 that’s described in detail?”

“Well, that part I’m not going to talk about,” Coffey responded.

Hockenbury’s signature on the complaint, however, may speak for itself.

Hockenbury is expected back in court on June 2, but his case may go to a grand jury before then.

Police are afraid there may be more victims. Anyone with information regarding past incidents is urged to contact the Guilderland Police Department at (518) 356-1501 ext. 1063.


WARNING: The statement contains graphic material that may be disturbing to some.

STATEMENT: James Hockenbury criminal complaint April 19, 2016

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