Hillary Clinton wins New York Democratic presidential primary

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – Hillary Clinton held a watch party at the Sheraton Hotel in Times Square to watch poll numbers roll in from the New York primary.

Clinton was declared the winner of the democratic primary in New York. There was an excited atmosphere inside the ballroom after her win. Hundreds of supporters were in attendance.

When she took to the stage for her victory speech, Clinton was joined by several prominent New York leaders, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In her speech, she talked about equal pay for women, diversity, common sense gun reform, and several other issues that have been hotly debated during the weeks leading up to the primary.

She also mentioned Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in her speech. She said the vision they have for the country is a dangerous one. Clinton said diversity is one of America’s greatest strengths, and the country is about lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down.

Clinton said there was no better place to celebrate diversity than in New York.

“No place like home,” she said. “A problem solving nation.”

More than 200 delegates are up for grabs, and her supporters hope she walks away with as many delegates as possible to solidify her lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. But Clinton also mentioned Sanders in her speech. She said there was more that united people in the Democratic Party than what divided them.

Some attendees said said her commitment to children and her experience as a senator are key in why they support her.

“She’s incredibly qualified,” Gretchen Baar from Arizona said. “She’s been supporting kids and art and art in schools, which is a personal thing for me.”

“This conviction that she’s able to bring together so many different people from different constituencies in the general election,” Michal Otayek from Venezuela said. “I think New York has really allowed her to do that, and that’s one of the reasons it’s really exciting to be here tonight.”

Clinton had been campaigning hard across New York leading up to Tuesday’s primary. She also made a stop in the Capital Region during a rally at Cohoes High School. Most recently, her husband and former president Bill Clinton rallied for support at The Desmond Hotel.




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