PHOTOS: Community staple Dairy Circus condemned after massive fire

SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you want to know how popular and beloved Dairy Circus was, all you have to do is sit there. Locals have been showing up, snapping pictures and even shedding tears.

The building is now condemned. It’s all taped off and a sign is posted on the front door that it’s closed for good.

“My father had this thing built in the early 70’s and we’ve had it all these years so what do you do at this point in your life…start over? A lot of decisions to be made I guess,” said Robb Clemons.

Owner Robb Clemons has been at the charred remains of dairy circus all day trying to figure out the next step. The building has to come down. But he says he feels fortunate that everyone made it out safely, including his wife who was inside and found the flames.

“She said ‘okay get everybody get out of the dining room everybody out’ and they ran out and by the time they got out the whole top of the building was completely engulfed,” said Clemons.

The Clemons are not only known for their generations of good food in Scotia, but also their generosity.

“They’re just super people they’re kind and caring and community people that just did not deserve this at all,” said a customer, Deb.

Deb was just one of many locals who stopped by to snap final photos of the place where so many scotia memories have been made. The big question now…will they rebuild?

“Well we are going to sit down and discuss it and come to some conclusion I’m not sure exactly what it will be but there’s always that possibility,” the owner said.

There are many in Scotia that want to help the Clemons get back on their feet, even another restaurant.

Building inspectors were just out at the cornerstone and condemned the building on Tuesday. It’s bad news for the beloved dairy circus which is really a community staple.

NEWS10 watched people stop by and snap photos of the devastation. They’re just in disbelief that something so horrible could happen to such good people. The owners of Dairy Circus have been very involved in Scotia donating their time, food and efforts to helping local people. Now the people hoping something can be done to help dairy circus owners.

“They’re wonderful people and we’ve ordered submarines from them for years through an organ club that we belong to and I just ordered some for next week and they’re just super people they’re kind and caring and community people that really did not deserve this at all,” said a customer.

Dairy Circus was also a location used during the filming of the 2012 independent film “The Place Beyond the Pines” starring Ryan Gosling.

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