Local teen who crashed car down an embankment in East Greenbush last month is now recovering

EAST GREENBUSH, NY (NEWS10) – After crashing and ending up flipped over in an East Greenbush creek, a local teen is now recovering against all odds. News10ABC spoke with the teen’s father who said his son was essentially dead but was given a chance to live because of the quick thinking of people who saw the accident and first responders.

“I screamed and cried in terror. I don’t know how else to say it,” said John Ostwald, the father of injured teen Jackson Ostwald.

A father’s reaction to the news that his son was nearly dead after an accident. John was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the time.

John and his wife frantically flew back to Albany as soon as possible. Police said the teen’s heart stopped twice while in Mill Creek before rescue could get him to the hospital.

“The process is extremely filled with terror and anxiety, and hopes and good things. It’s just an up and down emotional roller coaster,” said Ostwald.

Police said the teen was in near freezing water for 10 to 13 minutes. Before rescue got to the wreck, Ostwald said an 18-year-old named Anthony Hunt and his mom stopped to help his son.

Weeks later, tire tracks, smashed glass and broken tree limbs show Jackson Ostwald’s path off the road and into Mill Creek. His father said the only way to describe his son being in the hospital instead of dead, is to classify it as a miracle.

“For us it doesn’t matter what faith, what religion, what beliefs you have or even if you’re Atheist; we’ll take any kind of prayers during this period. That is what’s helped our son get through a lot of this, “said Ostwald.

Jackson has a broken wrist and a few other injuries to his body that don’t seem to be severe. His right side isn’t moving very well but he is talking and communicating and knows who everyone is.

John Ostwald said his son went from being dead to critical condition and is now on a very unforeseen road to recovery.

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