Former President Bill Clinton visits the Capital Region

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Saturday morning, former President Bill Clinton visited the Desmond Hotel in support of his wife’s presidential campaign.

Supporters waited in line all morning long to hear his speech.

Clinton supporters waited outside of the Desmond Hotel early Saturday morning and they said they agree with Bill Clinton that Hillary is more qualified to be president.

“I love how he brought up so many different points like women, people with disabilities, foster kids. I think he brought up a lot of good points. I’m definitely voting for Hilary,” said Clinton supporter Kristin Mclnerney.

Bill Clinton addressed a room of people who all shared the same mindset and that’s to bring the country back to how it used to be.

“We are just this close to growing together again. If we do the right thing with the right leader in the right direction, we are going to have a decade that will make the 1990s when I had the inaugural serve look like a little warm up,” said Bill Clinton.

Holding up signs that read Hillary’s name, people cheered and clapped every time her name was brought up.

“You don’t hear Republicans from her era say anything bad about her because she knew how to work together and that’s what nobody knows how to do anymore,” said Clinton supporter Linda Bille.

“I was inspired. He always brings entertaining and educational stories to his speeches and you’re always left feeling hopeful,” said Clinton supporter Kimberly Baker.

Hopeful is how Bill Clinton wanted these people to feel. He reassured if Hillary was elected President, no one would be disappointed.

“I do believe him when he says she’s the greatest change he’s ever met. I think she really knows how to get things done and he is just an extraordinary man,” said Bille.

Bill Clinton’s next stop will be Watertown, Syracuse and Binghamton where he will continue to spread his message of support for Hillary.

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