Local Bernie Sanders supporters pack the Capitol Saturday

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – The Capitol was packed with Bernie Sanders supporters earlier Saturday afternoon. People were handing out voting information on the Sanders campaign and encouraging people to get out and vote.

News10ABC spoke with people who said the whole thing was a grass-roots setup that was put together on social media.

Saturday afternoon’s picture perfect weather gave hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters the chance to show their support without hindrance. The massive group of hundreds marched down Washington Ave and on to Central Ave passionately chanting.

The marchers were holding signs before settling on the west lawn at the State Capitol.

These enthusiastic supporters said they took advantage of social media by setting up a Facebook event to spread the word.

“We are done with corruption, we are done with rich people buying our government, our politics, and we want it for the people again,” said Bernie Sanders Supporter Christopher Malark.

“We know the corrupting influence that money has on our political process which is a big deal to a lot of people. Bernie’s campaign has been funded by 6 million individual contributions by people just like us,” said Bernie Sanders supporter Amanda Evenson.

Senator Sanders and his wife just got back to the states from visiting the Pope at the Vatican where he went and attended a conference on economic inequality and climate change.

His supporters are urging everyone to get out and vote, in general. They said they want more people to be involved in voting process so the people’s voice can be heard.

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