Viral videos show chaotic, controversial scenes after Trump rally in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Protestors and supporters filled the streets of Albany Monday night after Donald Trump held a campaign rally at the Times Union Center.

Clashes between both groups began in the afternoon. On one side, protesters chanted.

trump rally

“Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” they said.

On the other side, Trump supporters shouted back.

“Build a wall! That’s step one,” one man said.

Officers on horseback kept the crowds at bay.

“We didn’t have any arrests, and we certainly saw no major issues,” Albany Officer Steve Smith said.

But there were noticeable disturbances. Cellphone video shows a man being forcibly removed by Secret Service agents who were assisted by an Albany police officer.

Then there was a video that showed a protestor had his face shoved by a man attending the rally.

Barriers outside the TU Center kept Trump protestors and supporters separated, but the distance didn’t keep things from turning nasty. For example, a war of words turned into disrespect when a Trump protestor spit at another woman outside the rally.

But even when taking the bad behavior into account, local police said the events at the TU Center, the Washington Avenue Armory, and La Salle Institute in Troy went very smoothly.

Albany police even received praise on its Facebook page for keeping the peace.

“We worked with Secret Service days leading up to the event so that we could get large crowds in and out of the city safely,” Smith said.

Secret Service agents are appointed to each of the presidential candidates; however, the Albany Police Department has officers working overtime.

Officer Smith said the bills are in the mail to the respective candidates’ campaigns.

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