Surveillance video captures man blatantly stealing from Scotia liquor store twice

SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local liquor store is looking for justice after its owner said items from the store were stolen by the same man on two separate occasions.

A thief recently stole a large bottle of tequila from a liquor store in Scotia right in front of a surveillance camera. Since then, store owner Daniel Maggs said the thief struck again.

Now, he is saying enough is enough.

“You are not going to come in here and steal and get away with it,” Maggs said. “We’ll do what we can do to catch you.”

Maggs has owned Freeman’s Bridge Wine and Liquor for 13 years. He said they have been stolen from before but never so blatantly.

A surveillance camera set up on the most expensive aisle of the store clearly recorded a man watching over his shoulder as he grabbed a $100 bottle of Patron. Seconds later the bottle disappeared into the man’s jacket. He did not wear a mask.

“That level of human doesn’t care whether it’s big business, small business; whether it’s a Walmart or a mom-and-pop store,” Maggs said. “If they’ve got a sense of entitlement, they will take what they want.”

Freeman’s Bridge Wine and Liquor suspect two

Maggs said he saw the man take the bottle but didn’t believe it was true until he looked at the security video. He said the thief was helped by another man who distracted him and the store clerks until he was done.

“What upset me was that my manager told me that these guys are frequent shoppers, which meant that they are frequently stealing stuff,” Maggs said. “They’re not in here shopping.”

A week later, the same man was caught on surveillance footage stealing a $40 bottle of Hennessy. He then stuffed the bottle into his pants and calmly walked to the register to carry on a conversation with the two female cashiers.

He was with another person who was waiting at the register. This time Maggs took screen shots of their faces to help Glenville police stop the stealing.

Weapons were not used in the thefts.

“It’s offensive that someone will come into your store,” Maggs said. “You’re here trying to make a living and provide a service, and they walk into the store and think they can take whatever they want.”

Maggs said he is working with other stores in his area to try and catch the people in the act of stealing. Anyone with information on who either person might be is asked to call Glenville police.

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