Albany County urging people to take the bus for presidential rallies

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – CDTA officials and police are asking people to use the bus on Monday. If you’re going to the Trump or Sanders events at the Times Union Center or The Armory, they are asking that you get off at the stop before the venue and walk the rest of the way.

It’s about a tenth of a mile to the TU from State Street. News10 caught up with some people that are deadest on going and they want to see your there.

In New York, we are not a swing state, and a lot of times the primary is decided by the time the vote comes here. So I think it’s really exciting that we get to actually hear from these candidates in our own home town,” said Albany County Legislator Sam Fein.

Sam Fein identifies as a Bernie Sanders supporter because of Sander’s frim rejection of big money in politics. Fein said he will be at The Armory Monday to hear more of Sander’s plans for the White House, plans that have some people have called dreams or too idealistic.

“We are all realistic. No president is going to get everything done; but I want someone who’s really going to speak about the issues that are important and really push for them. And I think if he’s president he will push for them as hard as he can,” said Fein.

Just a mile away, Donald Trump will be in full force at the Times Union Center.

“I think it’s going to be a sellout which is 17,500 people,” said Republican Chairwoman Christine Benedict.

Republican Chairwoman Christine Benedict said that when she last checked at 2 p.m. On Saturday, half of those tickets had already been accounted for.

No matter what your party affiliation, she said having the chance to hear from any of these three candidates in person has energized the political landscape here in the Capital Region.

“I think it’s exciting for them. I stopped at out headquarters today and there were some volunteers there and they were even talking about one gentleman that said to me, “you know I’m not a republican, I’m an independent and I am so excited about this,” said Benedict.

Excitement aside, Sam Fein said it’s up to each individual voter to be informed and involved in their own political identity.

“Pay attention, and get out and vote, it’s really important. It really bothers me when people say my vote doesn’t count, every vote really does count, all the way from the presidential elections down to local elections. It really does matter,” said Fein.

Governor John Kasich has 2 two town hall events scheduled in the capital region, one at the La Salle institute in troy, doors open at 1:30 and at the Saratoga City Center, doors open at 4:30.

CDTA has put out a how to ride guide that has all you need to know about using public transportation before Monday. You can click on that link below.

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