Husband fondly remembers wife killed in Route 155 accident

VOORHEESVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local therapist, who counseled firefighters responding to the Twin Towers during 9/11, has died.

Ashley Taheri was a highly respected mental health therapist in New York City and in the Capital Region. But an accident during the snow storm on Monday claimed her life.

Guilderland police said Taheri lost control of her car while on her way to work on Route 155. Her car spun out into the direction of an oncoming truck.

Taheri’s husband, Bill Pyke, told NEWS10 ABC that his wife loved her work and the people she helped.

“Ashley Taheri made a huge impact on everyone around her, and in her own way, on the world in general,” he said. “I will always love her.”

Pyke said he wanted to share how special his wife was and that her bright smile reflected an inner light that worked to warm hundreds of once broken spirits and hearts.

Taheri leaves behind her husband of two decades and their 18-year-old son Julian.

“We had something great,” Pyke said. “I really wanted to grow old with her.”

Taheri also left behind hundreds of patients whom she helped over the years as a mental health therapist, including 9/11 first responders. She, her husband, and their son were living in New York City when the planes struck the Twin Towers.

ashley taheri world trade center glass

“It wasn’t even 9:12 when she called her contacts there and went to work,” Pyke recalled.

Taheri counseled firefighters who included the so-called Stairway B survivors who were trapped in the stairwell as the South Tower came down. One grateful firefighter gave Taheri a chunk of glass that was once part of a window from the fallen towers.

“It was probably one of the most important mementos that she had, you know,” Pyke said.

Taheri also worked at the Karner Psychological Associates for four years before starting her own practice that focused mostly on grief and loss.

Her former colleagues said her enthusiasm for helping others will be greatly missed.

“I think Ashley had a real joy for the world, and she really loved being alive,” Pyke said. “She really helped pull everyone along on that ride. And honestly, I can’t thank her enough for that.”

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