4/5 Pet Connection: Ranger

RANGER – Aussie mix, male, 2 years, 40 lbs. Looking for a partner with excellent leash skills and lots of brains? Ranger may just be the dog for you. He is a great size for just about any home and has good house manners.
Ranger is a very social dog and recently attended a book club where he spent his time going from person to person, soaking up love – but what he wants most is one person to devote himself to.
Being a herding dog, the other side to Ranger is that he tends to want to run the show and needs some clear boundaries, but otherwise has very good house manners and is eager to please. He works very well for treats and responds beautifully to positive reinforcement. He loves a good squeaky toy! He would be best with older older (Over 12yrs)….He’ll be happiest as an only dog.

As for Kitties….because of his herding instincts….he may just want to chase them around the house.

He was Rescue from a High Kill Southern Shelter……..

Peppertree Rescue 435-7425

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