Rally in support of Bernie Sanders held prior to Clinton’s visit to Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A number of Albany County legislators voiced their support for democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Monday.

Snow and chilly temperatures didn’t stop those rallying at Capitol. They had a message, and they wanted to make it clear.

Joe Seeman, of Ballston Spa, said he supports Sanders for many reasons.

“Bernie has always been with average people like us middle class people,” he said. “Poor people. He’s never sold out to the billionaire class. He’s not for sale.”

Sanders wasn’t at the rally, but former U.S. Secretary of State and democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in Albany on Monday for campaign stops.

Her visit was on the minds of those who came out in support of Sanders.

“I think the people who understand what Bernie is for will be out,” Albany County Legislator Merton Simpson said. “The people who would just come out to see him as a personality may not, but those who are aware need to really reach out to our communities and explain to people what’s at stake.”

Assemblyman Phil Steck encouraged voters to make a change.

“If we want to continue down the same economic road we’ve been traveling since 1980, we know what to do,” he said. “But if you want to make a difference for the middle class and the poor in this country and in this state, we need to go out there and support Bernie Sanders.”

Sanders supporters said the Vermont senator is the best person to be president because he has over 35 years in elective office at both local and federal levels. They also said he embodies the values of everyday New Yorkers.


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