Fellow police officer and wife deliver baby inside their car in Watervliet

WATERVLIET, NY (NEWS10) – It was no early April Fool’s Day prank as an impatient baby girl decided she couldn’t wait to be delivered. Mom and dad were forced to make a quick delivery while on the way to the hospital.

“She’s a local celebrity,” said Crystle Murray.

And like many celebrities, little Kendall Murray made her debut on Broadway, at the corner of Broadway and 23rd in Watervliet to be exact.

Crystle Murray thought she was simply experiencing Braxton Hicks early Wednesday morning. That was until her water broke and she quickly woke up her husband, Watervliet Patrolman Brian Murray.

But by the time the couple who live in Brunswick took off to the hospital, Crystle realized she already went into labor.

“I didn’t want anything bad to happen, so I pulled over,” said Brian Murray.

They made it as far as Watervliet where Brian patrols the streets. Brian then pulled over and that’s when their Chevy Equinox became a makeshift delivery room.

“He yelled at me like not to push. She made her way she came right out. Like I was catching a football or serving and she just came right out,” said Crystle Murray.

“With our first son, I just stood there and watched the doctors so everything. When Crystle delivered she was like, what do we do?” said Brian Murray.

Brian called 911 and was relieved to hear the voice of a familiar dispatcher and then see familiar faces in responding firefighters like Captain Thomas Egan.

“Wasn’t really much for us to do other than to make sure baby and mother were okay and kind of just gave them a ride to the hospital. Gave Officer Murray a hug and said congratulations, we just packed them up and sent them on their way, “ said Captain Egan.

The couple, who have a two-year-old son, said they feel blessed, no matter how their little Kendall arrived into the world.

The couple said this story will go down in their family history.

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