Hillary Clinton to visit Cohoes High School on Monday

COHOES, NY (NEWS10) – “I was very surprised also and excited to hear that this was going to be an opportunity for the school district as a city and I’m very excited that the kids are going to be able to experience this,” said Cohoes resident Andrea Frangie.

Peter and Andrea Frangie have lived in Cohoes their whole lives. Their home is just a stone’s throw away from the high school. So when they got word Saturday morning that Hillary Clinton was making a visit, they RSVP’d right away.

“Secret service is scouting the area it was pretty surreal, it was pretty cool,” said Cohoes resident Peter Frangie.

Their two sons, Ryan and Jarron, are students at the high school. They told News10 it’s pretty neat knowing a presidential candidate will walk the same hallways they do every day.

“I was very surprised that Cohoes was picked for something like this. It’s very unexpected,” said Ryan Frangie.

Superintendent of Cohoes City Schools Jennifer Spring told News10ABC she got the call from Democratic Assemblyman John McDonald first thing Saturday morning. Without hesitation, she agreed to welcome Hillary Clinton and her campaign with open arms.

“Well the first thing I thought about was our students and what an opportunity this is for our students. One of our students will be singing the national anthem she has a gorgeous voice and she usually sings at our school events so we’ll be really proud to showcase her as well,” said Spring.

Clinton’s campaign was at Cohoes High School early Saturday morning checking out the facility. They said the gym is a perfect venue because it fits 1,500 people and with a walking track above, there’s not a bad seat in the house.

So, why Cohoes? Well, the former U.S. Senator from NY visited Assemblyman McDonald’s pharmacy a few years back. So because they had already been in contact, they reached out to him again.

“What better place to talk about the future of our country than in a place that educates our children. It makes perfect sense,” said Assemblyman John McDonald.

The doors will open at 4:15 p.m. and the rally is set to kick off just after 6:00 p.m.

Those who want to be there must register in advance. To register, click on the link below.


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