Future of historic Nicholaus building remains uncertain

SCHENECTADY, NY (NEWS10) – The historic Nicholaus building remains under close watch by police and engineers. They are calling it unstable and people have been evacuated until city officials figure out what’s going to happen to the building.

The future of this historic building still remains uncertain. Police were standing by all night to ensure traffic flow with all the road closures.

Signs that read “road is closed” are tough to miss if you’re heading towards Erie Blvd. and State St. Police parked by those signs with their lights flashing because this is area that sees a high volume of traffic.

“If you don’t need to be downtown, stay away from it. Erie Boulevard is shut down from northbound traffic to Liberty all the way up to 890. There is no travel from Erie Boulevard to State Street from both directions to Ferry,” said Lt. Mark McCracken of the Schenectady Police Department.

Structural engineers and Mayor McCarthy are expected back at the building Saturday to figure out the next plan of action. They are saying it slightly shifted possibly in part to the demolition of the building next to it.

One longtime Schenectady native said that should’ve been expected to happen in order to better prepare for this day.

“They weren’t able to make those determinations ahead of time so that they wouldn’t have those issues when they took down the old buildings Robinson and Olender. Buy more buildings to put up the new complexes they’re working on that they weren’t able to work around that and anticipate that. You’d hope they do that kind of thing, so that was disappointing,” said Schenectady native John McDonald.

Few of the businesses nearby may be affected as streets remain closed in the meantime.

“A fallout zone was created. It’s appropriate standoff distance, it’s probably going to impact their business a little bit, “said Lt. McCracken.

So if you’re thinking of taking a trip to downtown Schenectady, keep an eye out for orange cones, police cars, and barricades.

“Everything is really well-marked and barricaded well and they did a good job lining everything up in between that,” said McDonald.

Police said most of the roads may remain closed throughout the week until structural engineers reassess the safety of the building.

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