Governor Cuomo’s state education budget has been approved

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – One of the three big issues in Governor Cuomo’s state budget is education. It includes a record-breaking amount invested to end the gap elimination adjustment in one year.

The state education budget is said to move public education in the right direction and is an example of parents and teachers working together to fight for what student needs.

Accompanied by school officials, Commissioner MaryEllen Elia was brought into a classroom where students were learning to do math.

Elia sat down at a table and interacted with the students and was impressed by these student’s excitement to learn.

“They’re doing some great work and really expanding the opportunities for children to understand mathematics so that they like it and if you heard children talking in that class, they were very excited about their mathematics,” said Elia.

The state education budget was just approved early Friday morning. Elia said she’s very happy the gap elimination adjustment was zeroed out and the state can now focus on funding the neediest school districts.

“I’m very pleased to know that the GEA has been restored and districts like Schodack are going to be in a better position if you talked to that superintendent,” said Elia.

The breaking 24.8 Billion dollar investment in education is expected to end the gap elimination in one year.

“We need to focus all the time on what’s going to happen for children in every classroom and support our teachers to get there. We have great teachers in New York and I think the work that we do gives us the opportunity to give them support,” said Elia.

Additional time is needed to examine the fine print of budget bills but the team effort of parents and teachers have resulted in a statewide aid increase.

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