April Fool’s Day, a look at the Internet’s best pranks

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Not believing everything you see online is usually good advice. It’s especially good advice today.

On Friday we took a look at some pranks online, and had a little fun at the station ourselves. Check it out.

White Castle Crave Copter

Columbus-based White Castle announced Friday a fleet of 1,500 Crave Copters positioned at restaurants across the country. The drones will deliver Crave Cases using a mechanical claw capable of lifting up to 10 pounds. The company says the Crave Copters will be piloted by a team of former U.S. Air Force pilots.

Rustic weave toilet paper

For one day only. Quilted Northern is offering a special handcrafted artisanal toilet paper. “Hand-pulped and hand perforated, the way toilet paper used to be,” the company said. It’s available in four varieties, original, small batch, cedar loom and extra virgin birch.

YouTube Snoopavision

Google announced a new feature that allows you to watch any video on YouTube in 360 degrees, with Snoop Dogg.

“Snoopavision is in high definition. Now you’ll see the world how I see it, in 360 degrees,” said Snoop Dogg.

To activate the feature, simply press the ‘Watch in Snoopavision’ button on any video.

Oxford Dictionary unveils new words

Oxford Dictionary regularly adds new words based on popular usage. This year is no different. New additions include autocorreck, Instayam, LOYO and Obamacar.

Obamacar noun (humorous) a hypothetical scheme under which current President of the United States Barack Obama would provide free cars for every citizen in America: “Republican commentators cracked wise about the so-called Obamacar.”
[from Obama + car, after Obamacare]

Lexus Velcro seats

Lexus promises that new V-LCRO technology will hold the driver in place during even through the most aggressive maneuvers. The technology does come with a catch. The driver is required to wear a Velcro suit.

Lyft prank mode

Lyft is giving users in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco a chance to use a special prank mode to play jokes on friends. Starting at 11am Friday, Lyft drivers are available for shenanigans.

Lyft couldn’t wait for April 1 to get started, so they posted a video of a practice run featuring Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala and Festus Ezeli.

Adobe Ansel Adams mode

Ever wish your everyday photos looked more like Ansel Adams masterpieces? Adobe is here to help. An Adobe Lightroom tutorial video shows you how to transform a photo of your lunch into a classic with a few simple keystrokes.

ThinkGeek fake products

ThinkGeek is known year-round for products aimed at self-described geeks and nerds. On April Fool’s Day, they add some more absurd products to their catalog. New products this year include a useless light switch, vertical landing Mentos & Diet Coke rocket and a VR sensory immersion generator.

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