Man caught stealing Alabama freightliner goes to Saratoga Hospital, throws wheelchair, flees again

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Sheriff deputies say an inmate who was injured and brought to Saratoga Hospital attempted to flee while he was being released and rolled out in a wheelchair.

Officials say on March 28 Cole Vincent, an inmate in the Saratoga county jail claimed he was hurt and needed medical attention. A deputy escorted Vincent from the Saratoga County Jail to Saratoga Hospital for x-rays and treatment. This coming after he was arrested last week for allegedly stealing a freightliner truck from the State of Alabama and fleeing in Ballston Spa when he was caught.

After he was seen by a doctor, the hospital staff assisted the Deputy in bringing him to the cop car to head back to jail. Vincent was in a wheelchair and unrestrained due to the alleged injury.

As the deputy and hospital worker brought him out, Vincent stood up, shoved the wheelchair at the hospital employee and ran on foot. The deputy chased Vincent and was able to catch him.

The hospital employee who was knocked down by the wheelchair suffered bruising to his head, right calf and right knee.

Vincent was charged with Assault in the Second Degree for injuring the hospital employee. The Deputy and Vincent were uninjured during the incident.

Vincent was returned to custody and the above charges lodged against him. Vincent was brought to the Town of Greenfield Town Court and arraigned before Town Judge Hopkins who remanded him back to the jail without bail.

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