Runners face off with rowers in the Ice Breaker Challenge at the Corning Preserve

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – They call it the Ice Breaker Challenge, a 5K race on both land and water, where rowers face off against runners.

Along the Corning Preserve bike path, 400 people were off and running.

“Rowers are tough. We have to weather a lot of conditions, “said the President of Board of Directors at the Albany Rowing Center Amanda Kelly.

Saturday, they were rowing against runners.

“Unique opportunity, great path alongside the water, seemed like a natural fit,” said Kelly.

The weather posed a bit of challenge to the competitors.

“Really windy out and cold,” said Kelly.

“It was a little colder than expected, first mile was a little chilly,” said runner Dan Anderson.

Dan Anderson might have been a runner Saturday but he’s also a rowing coach.

“I think it’s tougher than running,” said Anderson.

This might be why they, the rowers, lost to the runners Saturday. They also had to take a turn at the end of the course which slowed them down a bit.

This gave one of the runners a chance to pull ahead and cross the finish line first in about 16 minutes. Hopefully, they enjoyed the scenic view along the way.

“It’s appealing to see people rowing in unison. Some runners maybe converted to rowers,” said Anderson.

The money raised from this race will benefit the Albany Rowing Center. They will use the money to help maintain their equipment and boat.


Ice Breaker rowers



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