Albany man sentenced for stabbing woman to death in 2014

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) –An Albany man was sentenced today in Albany County Court. 61-yeaar-old Robert Lake will spend 23 years to life in prison for stabbing and killing his girlfriend in 2014.

Robert Lake was convicted earlier this year for Second Degree Murder and was sentenced Friday for stabbing and killing 56-year-old Latisha Alzaid in the apartment building they both lived in on Hudson Ave back in 2014.

Robert Lake issued an apology for killing his girlfriend.

“I feel so sorry for her and I say a prayer every night for her and I’m just so sorry this whole thing happened.”

Jude Richard Mott said in court that after Lake slit Alzaid’s throat, he smoked a few cigarettes, changed his clothes, and walked to a nearby hospital claiming he would try to commit suicide, and left Alzaid for dead.

“That’s pretty cold and pretty callus,” said Judge Richard Mott.

Friday, the court asked Judge Richard Mott for the minimum sentence for lake.

Defense Attorney Angela Kelley argued that Lake has repeatedly expressed remorse and acted in self-defense. Kelley said Lake even teared up for the first time she spoke to him about the case.

“He will forever wish that he could take that back. That he wasn’t in the situation that he’s in, said Kelley.

Kelley cited Lake’s age and ongoing health problems as reasons why he should get a lesser sentence.

Assistant DA Jennifer McCanney said it’s quite the opposite. She asked Judge Mott to instill the maximum sentence of 25 years to life for Lake.

McCanney said any remorse Lake feels is solely for his own interest and well-being.

“We would have like to see him take accountability for his actions, acknowledge his wrong doing, for the sake of the victim and her family, “said McCanney.

“He takes responsibility for acknowledging the fact that he was the person who caused her death. However he does maintain his self-defense, “said Kelley.

Judge Mott also said Lake should never again be allowed to live in civilized society.

“A very narcissistic, vindictive, dangerous man,” said Judge Mott.

The defense gave four letters to Judge Mott Friday from Lake’s loved ones that asked for a lighter sentence. One of those letters was from a former girlfriend of Lake’s.

“She has maintained a friendship with Mr. Lake for the past 20 years including visiting him in the jail while he was incarcerated for this incident,” said Kelley.

The defense said this woman was the victim of another attack by Lake in 1996 and that fact should be taken into consideration. The prosecution wasn’t so sure about this however.

“That was a domestic incident as well and my understanding was it also involved the use of a knife,” said

Judge Mott sentenced Lake to 23 years to life in prison. Lake’s attorney said they plan to appeal.

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