Hundreds of water bottles given to folks in Pownal due to a PFOA tainted well

POWNAL, VT (NEWS10) – A truck filled with 336 cases of clean bottled water slowly made its way into the rescue squad in Pownal, Vt.

“It’s been really quick,” said homeowner Lisa Trombley.

Within minutes, Lisa Trombley was the first person to walk away with two cases after getting the news last night to stop drinking the water.

“Wow, I’ve been drinking it for 30 some years. What’re the long-term effects”? said Trombley.

DEC Environmental Technical Vincent Chiorgno was on site to help answer questions. He said anyone who’s concerned about PFOA levels in Pownal could pick up water, not just homeowners in Fire District 2.

“Limit it to two cases so it doesn’t get used and abused by everyone,” said Chiorgno.

Lisa knew it was just a matter of time before Pownal had PFOA problems.

“We knew the plant was right there. It’s been there a long time,” said Trombley.

The plant she’s talking about could be the possible source of the contamination. The site is now owned by Mack Molding.

“One of my first questions I wonder if they’ll test here. I can walk to Mack Molding Plant, “said Trombley.

As a new routine starts for picking up bottled water, Lisa wonders how long it’ll last.

“My main concern is getting it fixed as quickly as they can, “said Trombley.

DEC has told News10ABC that they will test more private wells next week. Some water samples were collected earlier Friday from the old tannery.

If you have a private well in Pownal and you want to sign up and have it be tested just call 211 to get on the list.

The rescue squad will be open handing out water between 3pm and 7pm through Saturday and Sunday.

They have been open all day Friday.

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