Hudson man arrested after allegedly extorting an elderly man of his whole life savings

HUDSON, NY (NEWS10) – A Hudson man is behind bars after police said he extorted more than $84,000 from an elderly man. According to the judge, he also threatened to hurt or kill the victim and his family if he didn’t pay up.

26-year-old Jacob Maynard faced a judge for a crime that would upset anyone with grandparents. Maynard is accused of extorting his co-worker, who is an elderly man, of $84,000.

The victim said he lost his entire life savings.

“Pretty much, yes,” said Detective Christopher Filli of the Hudson Falls Police Department.

Police recovered money along with an AR-15 and shotgun they believe Maynard purchased with stolen cash. Detective said the shake down began last September.

Maynard reportedly posed as an undercover agent working for the District Attorney. The victim said Maynard demanded he pay him or else.

“By extortion, you instilled in the victim a fear you were going to physically injure him and kill his whole family, including him, if he didn’t pay. The victim paid defendant the money to keep him safe. That’s simply the allegation,” said Hudson City Court Judge John Conner.

Police said the threat continued for months.

“This gentleman instilled so much fear into this guy that he was more worried about his family.  He decided it was just easier to give the money to him instead of telling anybody about it, “said Detective Filli.

Chief Edward Moore was disgusted and angered by what happened.

“The fact that a 275 pound young man would intimidate and steal from a senior citizen with health issues was all the motivation my guys needed. The detectives quickly devised a fairly sophisticated sting operation and made a good arrest. It was really excellent police work,” said Chief Moore.

Maynard is now in Columbia County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Maynard’s arraignment will continue Monday morning.

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