Car drives down embankment into creek across from Columbia High in East Greenbush

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – According to the East Greenbush Police Department a car has rolled down an embankment and into a creek right next to Columbia High School in East Greenbush.

Police say they are investigating the accident that has left 16-year-old Jackson Ostwald in serious condition. It happened at about 8:41 a.m. on Luther Road.

car in creek 2

Paramedics of the Bruen Rescue Squad were first on the scene and proceeded to extricate the driver who was apparently unconscious and submerged in the water. Then, using ropes and a stokes basket, paramedics, police and other first responders hauled the victim out of the creek bed and he was brought to Albany Memorial Hospital. Police said his injury appeared to be serious. car in creek

The creek bed is located about one mile east of Troy Road and is known as the Northern Branch of the Mill Creek and is an active flowing waterway.

At the time of the crash, 16-year-old Jackson Ostwald of North Greenbush was driving the 2014 Mercedes, which was owned by an acquaintance.

Ostwald did not have permission to use the car.

Ostwald was first taken to Memorial Hospital in serious condition following the crash and then was taken to Albany Med where he remains.

Ostwald just turned 16 this month and recently got his Learner’s Permit from the DMV.

Police are looking for additional witnesses.

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash are requested to contact police.

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