Local, state agencies swarm Voorheesville HS, carrying out active shooter drill

VOORHEESVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Law enforcement, school administrators, and students participated in an active shooter drill at Voorheesville High School on Thursday.

The drill was used to help prepare for if something were to go wrong.

As if it were real, a call came in to emergency personnel for an active shooter at the high school. Immediately, law enforcement entered the building and went room to room.

Their first goal was to eliminate the threat. Then find the shooter. Outside, first responders set up, and students were escorted out of the building.

Two hundred fifty people participated in the active shooter drill. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said mistakes were made, and it’s all part of an important learning opportunity.

“They’re going to be taken orders from people that they have no idea who they are,” he said. “They’re just going to have to trust them and go with it, and right off the bat, we found a few people that were, like, ‘Huh?’ You know, they’re not used to that, and it caused a hiccup so those are the things that we want to point out.”

For some, the drill felt so real it was frightening. Sheriff Apple was live streaming the event.

“We had people yelling at us, ‘What are you doing to our children?’” he said. “Listen, this is the day we live in. I hate to give you the bearer of bad news, but this is the day we live in now. And people need to know how to respond, how to be prepared, and how to react.”

Senior Michael Matuszek put aside his fear.

“This was the first bullet wound that went through,” he said while pointing to the fake wound and blood.

The drill was actually comforting to him in the end.

“I would feel safe going to school every day here and being protected by everyone,” he said.

Superintendent Brian Hunt also used the drill to evaluate school lockdown procedures.

“You can’t assume that something bad won’t happen,” he said. “You have to prepare for it, and I think this will help prepare us.”

A grant from Homeland Security funded the drill.

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