Business owners rally for paid family leave in Albany

PHOTO: Twitter/NYGovCuomo

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Wednesday a group of business owners will be calling on lawmakers to support Governor Cuomo’s push for paid family leave. 

Business owners are calling on the legislature to pass a 12 week employee paid family leave program. The governor has already included it in his budget.

Under the proposal employers would be required to offer 12 weeks of paid benefits while employees take time off to care for newborn babies or seriously ill relatives.

On top of that, workers could receive two-thirds of their average weekly pay.

Employers say it would not have an impact on their businesses in fact, it could benefit them.

The program would be 100% paid for by employees, with zero out of pocket contribution by employers because employers aren’t paying wages to the employee on leave, employers can use that money, if necessary, to pay for any temporary replacement costs or overtime.

Small business owners say paid family leave would give them a competitive advantage without crushing their businesses.

The experiences of employers in states that already have similar laws show that paid family leave can help their businesses.

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