‘Chicken Chasers’ accused of selling heroin and cocaine out of Warren County

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Sheriff Deputies in Warren County say they’ve made a few arrests of people allegedly selling narcotics in the area. All drug sales took place in the City of Glens Falls and the Town of Queensbury.

Officials say five subjects were accused of selling the drugs. Sheriff Deuputies say the all know each other and several were working together in a drug ring. Police say they call themselves the “Chicken Chasers.”

The involved narcotics consisted of heroin and cocaine. All of the suspects were indicted and arraigned in Warren County Court.

chicken 1 chicken 2 chicken 3 chicken 4

Police say the white and red chicken became a kind of calling card, synonymous with a local connection to heroin and cocaine.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office says they arrested Members of an alleged drug ring working out of Glens Falls and Queensbury that called themselves the ‘Chicken Chasers.’

Investigators say the group created their own Facebook page and logo featuring that chicken. Lt. Steven Stockdale of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office says their logo had a particular meaning.

“When seeking clarification on their little brand People indicated Toni’s that Chicken was street slang for the money they were chasing. So, just shows they’re out there in it for the money. That was their motivation,” said Lt. Steven Stockdale, Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

The alleged ring leader, Alexander Bayne and his crew are all facing charges of Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Police say the group “fouled up” when they sold drugs to confidential informants.

chicken 5Police say another arrest is forthcoming. The case was investigated by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Enforcement Unit with assistance from the Glens Falls Police Department and NYSP.

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