Cooking with Maple Syrup

Manchester, Vt. (NEWS10) – The new Copper Grouse restaurant in Vermont that just opened in December specializes in local ingredients, including maple syrup.

Maple syrup lovers rejoice!

The new Copper Grouse restaurant in Vermont loves to find new ways to use maple syrup.

The executive chef at the restaurant in the Taconic Hotel brings guests to places that make the syrup, then shows them how he uses it in dishes.

“We’ve got a little maple syrup and a little soy sauce. Half a cup of maple syrup and we’ve got a half cup of soy sauce, and give that a little whisk,” Executive Chef Adam Raftery said..

Raftery showed NEWS10 how to then use the mixture, including glazing bacon.

“We use it in our soups, we use it in our vegetables, we use it to glaze chicken, scallops,” he said. “Salmon, pork duck, it goes on and on and on.”

He sears scallops and Brussels sprouts and then pours the soy sauce/maple syrup mixture on top.

If you sign up for his excursion you start in the restaurant with breakfast. Then Raftery takes you on a tour of sugar shacks to show you how syrup is made. From there, you return to learn about other dishes, including cocktails.

Copper Grouse is in the Taconic Hotel, which is pet friendly. They’ll even watch your dog as you tour the village.

It’s a Police and Thieves:

  • Rye Whiskey
  • Amaro
  • Apple Jack
  • Bitters
  • Maple syrup.

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