Wilton man gets maximum sentence for 2015 crash involving 3 Skidmore students, killing 1

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The driver who admitted to his role in a fatal drunk driving accident that claimed the life of a Skidmore student and injured two others learned his fate in court Monday.

With his head bowed down, 66-year-old Thomas Gorman braced himself for what was to come: A judge’s sentence for his role in last Halloween’s deadly drunk driving accident.

Gorman admitted he was drunk when he got behind the wheel of his Kia Optima and veered off Clinton Street and striking a group of Skidmore students returning from a Halloween party.

Michael Hedges, 19, of Lenox, Mass., was knocked 20 feet into a line of trees and died. Photos provided by the sheriff’s office showed the impact made on Gorman’s windshield and car.

Two other students, Oban Galbraith, of Vermont, and Toby Freeman, of New York City, were seriously injured. It was heartbreaking to listen as witnesses and Gorman’s victim’s read their statements aloud in court.

They said Gorman never got out of his car to help the night of the crash.

The prosecutor read a letter written by Michael Hedges’s mother.

“The lives of my loved ones have changed,” he read. “One of my children has died, and two of them are grieving.”

For his part, Gorman offered a soft voiced apology.

“If I could take it all back, I would,” he said. “If I could trade places I would.”

But the judge didn’t buy it.

“This is no accident as you described,” he said. “This is conduct.”

Gorman was sentenced to the maximum. He will spend up to 15 years in jail as the limit that was set by law for the plea deal.

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