Presidential candidates round up for ‘Western Tuesday’

ARIZONA, (NEWS10) – The candidates are gearing up for what’s being dubbed ‘Western Tuesday.’

Voters in Arizona, Utah and Idaho will make their decisions on Tuesday.

Democratic and republican primaries are being held in Arizona, with both parties caucusing in Utah and democrats get their shot to caucus in Idaho. It was a wild weekend on the campaign trail with violence at trump rallies in delegate rich Arizona.

One protester took a sucker-punch that he says landed him in the hospital and Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was caught on camera appearing to grab a protester by the collar.

Trump defends his staffer.

“I will give him credit.  He didn’t touch. . He wasn’t,” said Trump.

“Well the video does show that he touched him,” said George Stephanopoulos, ABC anchor.

“That was somebody else pulling him” Trump said.

This topic and the other violence that has popped up at Trump events will likely be discussed Monday night when CNN interviews all five remaining presidential candidates heading into ‘Western Tuesday.’

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