Contractors, NYS Officials rally for infrastructure money at the Capitol

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Hundreds of people from across the state rallied at the Capitol Monday to push for an investment in New York infrastructure.

Rebuild New York Now advocates want funding to be spent on the state’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, and with the deadline for the budget approaching, they want their voices heard.

Mainly, they’re asking for the funding of the MTA system and D.O.T to be equal, and therefore, equally meet the needs of both systems. Rebuild New York Now President Mike Elmendorf says it affects everyone across the state because if infrastructure doesn’t work, then businesses and the economy don’t work either.

“We have to fix this stuff, it’s not optional, we either have to do it by investing and making it a priority or were going to do it when things break. And when they break it’s often not about fixing it, it’s about replacing it. But you’re doing it with the disruption of the traveling public and the community and the economy that relies on that infrastructure, but you’re also potentially putting people at risk,” he said.

Those with Rebuild New York Now say the governor originally pledged to give equal funding to each system, but that isn’t shown in his executive budget.

They say with the budget being decided within the next two weeks, now is a crucial time to be heard.

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