NEWS10 ABC’s Heather Kovar hits the stage with The Blue-Sky Boys

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On this stage, three engineers are tasked with how to create a ship to go to the moon. So they begin a creative process called Blue Sky and they look to inspiration from historical icons.

“My character, CJ has a very close relationship with Buck Rogers the classic comic book character,” said Shayne David.

Shayne David, from Corinth, New York who went on to Siena College, plays the role of CJ Caldwell in the Blue-Sky Boys.

bluesky boys

“We combine the arts and science of what actually happened. So we interact directly without our inspiration,” he said.

The play explores the space race, essentially from the point of view of the engineers that put together the Apollo space mission.

“We start in 1961 just after Kennedy made his announcement that we are going to get man on the moon before the end of the decade,” said David.

blue sky boys 2

The play starts off in Langely, Virginia and ends up in Houston in 1969 just after landing on the moon.

The design for the Apollo rocket was actually based directly off of a Buck Rogers space ship.

It shows how art plays a huge part in scientific advances.

“You have to have creative thinking to do something that nobody has ever done before,” David said.

The comedy- comes from the interaction with the inspirational characters, as well as the stage and set.

And a review out from Broadway World, reads “Houston we have a hit.”

blue sky boys 3

What’s it About:

Experience this exhilarating romp through the creative minds of the maverick engineers who stopped at nothing to get a man to the moon and back! Join the first Apollo team’s outside-the-box thinking that helped America take that great step for mankind, and meet the brain trust that fueled the brilliant, preposterous, ridiculous and awe inspiring race for space that is full of surprises!

NEWS10 ABC’s Heather Kovar joins us with a preview from the stage.


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