Cambridge-Greenwich Police Department warns kids to stay off vacant hospital roof

CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Cambridge-Greenwich Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying individuals who allegedly vandalized a closed hospital.

The old Mary McClellan Hospital has been closed for more than a decade, but it remains a loved landmark for the people of Cambridge.

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“Lots and lots of memories,” resident Donald Cummings said. “I had three sons born there. I had been in there a couple times. My wife had been in there a couple times.”

But the building has seen better days. Graffiti can be seen on the brick, and there’s also broken glass and pried open windows.

Most recently, several people were caught on surveillance footage climbing on the building. Police said the images were captured on March 13.

Reports claim someone smashed the glass out of the main entrance doors of the original building. Police said they encountered several kids on bicycles from varying age groups, and some of them were on parts of the roof of the hospital.



Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell said the vandalism is not only an annoyance but also dangerous.

“There’s spots in there where the vandals have come in and done so much damage that certainly I wouldn’t risk anybody going in there,” he said.

Even so, he’s at the property nearly every day to examine new damage to the property.

“I think for the last two weeks we’ve been up here virtually every day,” he said. “After school, weekends.”

Bell also has ties to the building. He was born there.


“A lot of residents are familiar with this place, and it means a lot to them up here,” he said.

Even though the building has been closed for a while, the owners still let people come to walk to the trail; however, they said that’s not going to happen anymore.

Police have asked parents to warn their children of the hazards of being in or around the hospital and that they can be prosecuted for trespassing regardless of their age.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious can either message the police department on Facebook or call (518) 677-3044.

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