7th grader from Wynantskill School District crafts ‘calming room’ for autistic students

Brigid (right), courtesy District website.

WYNANTSKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – According to the Wynantskill Union Free School District’s website, students with autism have a new place to go so they can calm down if need be.

The report says that local student Bridgid Mack came up with the idea. School officials say the 7th grader brought the notion to administrators about painting a small room blue with bean bag chairs and a cardboard rocketship to help her younger brother who has autism.


“The whole point of the room is to have a place he can relax if he gets agitated,” Brigid said.

The district principal says the school liked the idea and that it may be helpful for the autistic students at the school.

“Brigid is absolutely amazing,” said the principal. “She is a great role model for all of our students. She has a huge heart.”

Brigid created a plan and to raise money for it she held a fundraiser.

The Education and Pupil Personnel Coordinator Jean-Marie Steffek added that the room creates a positive way for a child to learn how to handle their emotions without corrupting a classroom.

You can find the full story, here.

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