Troy Chairman gives his take on alleged release of 911 calls by Troy Police Sergeant

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Troy chairman gave his take on the alleged release of Jim Gordon’s 911 calls by Troy Police Sgt. Tim Colaneri.

“The main thought process is to win an election at all costs,” said Troy Republican Committee Chairman Thomas Casey.

Troy Republican Chairman Thomas Casey believed that Mayoral candidate Jim Gordon’s campaign was sabotaged by underhanded campaign tactics. Just days before the polls opened, a 911 call was made by Gordon’s wife Melissa about an apparent domestic dispute was leaked to the public.

Troy Police said Sgt. Tim Colaneri has been suspended without pay for 30 days in connection with the release of the 911 tape. Casey said he’s worried about the lasting effect this could have on people living in Troy when they think of calling 911.

“Is someone going to worry about calling 911 or hesitate in that situation because this tape was compromised. in the future, is someone going to pay a price for this”? said Casey.

According to Rensselaer County spokesperson Chris Meyers, the one copy of the tape was made requested by Sgt. Colaneri and released to Sgt. Mark Millington, another Troy Police Officer.

Casey believed it was a tactic used by County Democrats to try and smear Gibson’s image right before the election.

“They knew the tape was there, and they found some people that maybe were vulnerable and they took advantage of those people. I’m sure they offered them the moon and the stars, and unfortunately they were compromised,” said Casey.

Gordon released a statement Monday that said quote “The attempt to over focus on a previously closed issue for the sole purpose of political gain has no role in our society, just as we have no use for those who committed these crimes,” said Gordon.

Chris Meyers said the release violates law which forbids the release of 911 calls. Local attorney Arnold Proskin told News10ABC that he believed charges could be filed in this case.

Thomas Casey said that in his experiences, these kinds of cases normally have negative outcomes for anyone involved once the investigation is finished.

“Unfortunately, there are people left indicted and their lives ruined and damaged and reputations damaged,” said Casey.


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