Rally at the Capitol calls for additional funds for Schenectady schools

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A crowd of both young and old gathered at the Capitol on Monday to demand more money for Schenectady schools.

“Every single year, compounded $62 million is what Schenectady has a deficit of,” parent Jamaica Miles said.

Miles said she has seen the success Schenectady schools can deliver. Her daughter was accepted into New York University where she is now a junior.

But with children in the district and a deficit that has cut into the school’s resources, Miles came to the Capitol to help make a change.

“Every child deserves a sound, basic, quality education that’s supposed to be funded by our state,” she said.

A coalition of clergy backed their cause. More than 60 local congregations also came to the Capitol with signed petitions in hand.

They said the concern has gone from budgetary to moral, and they encouraged the church to get involved.

“We’ve felt that this issue has been hanging out there for ten years, really, and really since 2012, even more fully, and it’s gone unaddressed,” Emmanuel-Friedens Church Pastor Peter J.B. Carman said.

Monday morning, Assemblyman Phil Steck signed the group’s resolution to provide adequate funding for the district, and those who rallied met with senators for their support.

Those who were at Monday’s rally said they will not rest until they get the results they are asking for. They said they plan to return to the Capitol with even more supporters.

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