HIIT It with Britt brings high intensity workouts to the Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A former University at Albany softball player now has her own fitness program.

Brittany Burnham has created the program HIIT It with Britt. It is high intensity interval training.

“It is different every day,” Brunham said. “The workouts are different. It’s a full body every day.”

Many of her HIIT It classes are full.

“We have circuits. We’ll have eight exercises some days,” Brunham explained. Some days we’ll have three exercises another day. Today we had seven exercises.”

Many of the exercises contain multiple exercises in one. As a result, participants are working multiple muscle groups in a short period of time.

There are no breaks between the exercises.

“That’s the HIIT,” Burnham explained. “You are going for high intense, for 45 seconds or longer. Then you go short bursts for active rests.”

“Scientifically, it’s proven that you burn 20 to 30 percent more fat,” she continued. “Your metabolism is increasing throughout the day. And it’s efficient. This is the most efficient work. Everyone sees results, and it feels good.”

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