Students get their groove on at the 39th annual South Glens Falls Marathon Dance

SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Friday night was the kickoff of the 39th annual Marathon Dance at South Glens Falls High School and each year the event grows even bigger. News10ABC was there Saturday for day two of the dance.

Running on very little sleep, over 800 students put on their dancing shoes to show off their best moves and they will be doing this for 28 hours straight.

The dance started Friday night around 6 o’clock and the students were running on only about two hours of sleep.

“I’m really tired but the music and the energy and the atmosphere makes it a lot better,” said student Trinity Jacobie.

A long-lived tradition that started in the 1970’s and it has happened every year since then. Just last year, over $600,000 was raised and in the past 39 years, $4.5 million was collected.

“They actually look forward to it year round and this year will pass in a month or two and we’ll start planning for next year and next year is the 40th anniversary so it’ll be even bigger than this year,” said Marathon Dance Co-Advisor Dan Albert.

All types of music was played to keep the students energy going. It was a win-win event because the students got to have fun while also giving back to hundreds of good causes.

“My favorite part is that we can get the whole community together and all the students. You may not be from the same friend group but here, we are one and it’s just an amazing feeling being able to dance with whoever, whenever and having an amazing time for an amazing cause,” said student Mackenzie Myott.

The first year the Marathon Dance started, there were also only 50 dancers and last year, there were over 700.

This year, there was even more. That is basically 80 percent of the school’s population.

Their dance practice in PE class certainly paid off. Not only was this dance being watched in the Capital Region, but all over the nation as well.

“I personally like the wobble because everyone gets so into it and it amps up all the energy in the room,” said Jacobie.

The total amount of money raised was an amazing $762,153.87.







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