Multiple crews fight fire at the former Round Lake Rod and Gun Club in Malta

MALTA, NY (NEWS10) – Multiple fire crews have been battling a structure fire on Ruhle South Road in Malta.

The fire broke out just before 3 p.m. Sataurday at the old Round Lake Rod and Gun Club.

Crews are not exactly sure what happened but there was a lot of damage to the building and it was not safe for firefighters to be on the roof because the building was unstable.

Firefighters had to use ladder trucks to try and extinguish the blaze.

Crews were struggling getting water so they had to go up the hill to the hydrant and fill their trucks. They used the trucks to dump into the portable pond and then used that to fill the hoses.

Smoke has thinned out now but it was hard to breathe about an hour ago. Round Lake Fire, Malta Ridge Fire, Jonesville Fire, and Saratoga Springs fire all responded to the fire as well as New York State Police.

If the fire is turned out to be suspicious, it will be handed over to law enforcement for further investigation.

Malta fire 2

Malta fire 3



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