Lukoil gas station in Saratoga offering a one penny per gallon gas sale

SARATOGA, NY (NEWS10) – Who doesn’t love cheap gas? Well there was plenty of it to go around in Saratoga Saturday.

The Lukoil gas station on Church St. was selling gas for just one penny per gallon. People with even the biggest gas tanks were able to fill up for a quarter.

The penny gas sale was put on by the Next Level Church. People started filling up around 10 a.m. Saturday morning.

This sale went on for as long as their 2,000 gallons lasted. As you would imagine, plenty of people took advantage of the event.

“We were at Walmart yesterday and we just saw one of the green little signs that says one cent gas, and I just said oh, okay, yeah,” said customer Jesi Ebert.

Every time the church opens up a new location around New England, they host a “cheap gas day”, even when prices were as high as four dollars a gallon.


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