Albany HS renovations to be put on hold until an appeal is ruled on

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – The State Board of Education decided that Albany High School renovations will be put on hold until it rules on an appeal, which was filed by 26 people who said they had issues voting on February 9th.

The multi-million dollar referendum was passed by 189 votes but the process was marred by confusion, long lines, and a shortage of ballots.

Saturday, Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners invited people to the Elks Lodge in Albany to report any voting difficulties they had.

The lawyer who has been handling the appeal, John Sweeney, said these experiences will also be passed along to the state.

By midday, Sweeney said about 40 people had been through to sign affidavits.

“There were people who are in favor of the referendum and people who are opposed so it’s both sides have made complaints and they relate to whether they were given the opportunity to fully vote, whether that opportunity to vote was private enough and anonymous enough to be able to vote, whether they were able to vote at all,” said Lawyer John Sweeney.

Still, an attorney for the Albany School District maintains that through there were difficulties, nobody was actually prevented from casting a vote.

Sweeney expects to get a decision from the State Board of Education about a possible revote by the end of March.



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