Search continues for 21-year-old who went missing on spring break two years ago

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Thursday marks two years since a Shaker graduate went missing while on spring break, but his family is holding out hope that he could still come home.

Reny Jose is a Shaker High School graduate and was 17 days away from graduating Rice University in Texas in 2014. To celebrate graduation, Jose and 22 of his friends traveled to Panama City Beach, Fla. for spring break. That is where he disappeared without a trace.

“We won’t give up until we find you,” his mother Sherly Jose said. “I’m still…same year, same day. It’s really hard for me to move on.”

“It’s miserable,” his father Jose George said.

Jose’s parents are desperate for answers.

“Nobody’s not reaching out to give some answers,” Sherly said. “We know these things. So that’s the part that’s hurting us.”

“We miss our son,” Jose George said.

Through search efforts, police were able to find Jose’s wallet, cell phone, and other personal belongings such as clothes. However, there has been no sign of him since.

“We’re not here looking for revenge,” his cousin Jismi George said. “We’re here as a broken family looking for answers.”

After learning of Jose’s disappearance, his family immediately went to Florida. Before they arrived, 16 of the 22 friends were gone.

“Why didn’t these kids stay? Why did they wait so long to report him missing? Why aren’t they reaching out to us now?” Jismi said. “There are a lot of whys and no answers.”

Jose’s family said they think one of his friends knows something, and they are hopeful that one day soon one of them will break their silence.

“Once in a while, when I go crazy, I sit here and I dial all of them, all the kids,” Sherly said. “None of them pick up the phone or call me back.”

“We’re urging with them and pleading with them to just come forward and just say anything at all,” Jismi said.

They said, at this point, no detail is too small.

“And now we still have a hope he will find a way, if alive, he’ll come home,” his father said. “It’s only a matter of a time.”

Police have also given the family harsh theories. They said Jose may have taken his own life, or he could have used an illegal drug, walked in to the water, and accidentally drowned.

“[Police said] ‘Malaysian Airlines went into the water. They’ve never found it. What about your son?’” Jose George said.

But his family doesn’t believe the theories.

“I need a reason,” Jose’s father said. “Why?!”

Jose’s family said he always lit up the room with his smile and his love for his family. They said the lack of answers makes his disappearance even harder.

“Our grandmother passed away this past June, and she was closest with Reny, and she passed away not knowing what happened to her grandson,” Jismi said.

And now, two years later, they’re still pleading for answers.

“Reny, wherever you are, just give us a call,” Sherly said. “Just want you to know that we love you and just come home. We are waiting for you.”

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