People in Hoosick Falls can now receive premixed formula for their infants

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People in Hoosick Falls are now able to receive premixed formula for infants due to the water contamination issue in the village.

Tops Market, where people have been going for months to get bottled water, is now selling a special, premixed formula through the WIC program.

The formula is already mixed with water so people don’t have to use their five gallon daily amount of bottled water on formula.

Angela Wason first informed people of the premade formula on a Facebook page called PFOA in Hoosick Falls, which was created by people in Hoosick Falls dedicated to notifying the community.

Wason is a member of the Water Angels, a volunteer group that delivers bottled water to those who aren’t able to get their own.

“They only allow certain kinds of formula, and as of yesterday, they came over to Tops and spoke with the managers over here, and they have approved to sell the premixed formula,” Wason said. “I believe it’s quite costly, and that’s why they don’t approve it to begin with.”

Harold Lessman lives in Hoosick Falls with his wife and their 4-day-old son, Steven.

“I don’t know, and I want a straight answer from somebody,” Lessman said. “What can I do about medical defects? Are there any?”

Lessman doesn’t know if PFOA has also harmed his son.

lessman baby hoosick falls

“This is my only biological son I have,” he said. “If anything happens to him, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Lessman rents an apartment in the village. He said he didn’t know about the water issue until December 2015.

“My wife’s been cooking with it, eating with it, washing laundry with it, making coffee with it the whole entire pregnancy,” he said.

A science panel determined there is a probable link between PFOA and certain types of cancer as well as thyroid disease and other illnesses. Lessman said his wife has been sick, and now he fears the worst for his son.

“I called the health department, [and they said], ‘Oh, we don’t know, yet,’” he said. “The mayor’s not giving me a straight answer. The EPA’s not giving me a straight answer. No one’s giving me a straight answer. What should I look for?”

But Wason is one person brightening the Lessman family’s day.

“I thank God for the water angels,” he said.

Wason delivered good news to Lessman on Thursday.

“I just found out through her just today about WIC being approved for the liquid, so we thank God for that now because it’s too much right now on us day in and day out,” Lessman said. “What are we going to do with WIC? How are we going to get the formula made?”

WIC also said it has been reaching out to families in Hoosick Falls to let them know about the premixed formula.


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