Leap of Kindness Day with NEWS10 ABC’s Heather Kovar

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This year is a leap year, which means we get one extra day in February.

People across Saratoga County are using this extra day of the year to do something nice for others, calling it “Leap of Kindness Day.”

From flowers to food NEWS10 ABC spent the morning with members of the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce as they delivered kindness on what they’ve coined ‘Leap of Kindness Day.’

All it takes is a simple gesture like a flower to create a smile.

The Chair of the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Matt Jones of the Jones Firm, delivers carnations from Posie Peddler to Saratoga Bridges, to thank the staff for the work they do helping the developmentally disabled.

Todd Shimkus is president of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce. He launched ‘leap of kindness day’ at midnight.

“We had a task force that got together back in September to talk about what would you do with an extra day because we knew we had one in 2016, as we were chatting about the different things we might do, somebody said what about a leap of kindness day? And right away everybody knew that was the idea,” said Shimkus.

Earlier in the morning, Raj Ghoshal of Polyset and Keven Hedley of Hedly and Company, both members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors brought food to the overnight staff of Malta Med Emergent Care.

Volunteers from the Adirondack Trust Company were getting ready set to deliver flowers to hundreds of people in nursing homes, as well as gift bags to children in area hospitals.

Dan Duvernoy, general manager of the Hampton Inn, along with some staff, prepared breakfast for the Saratoga Fire and EMS Department. This idea, born in Saratoga, has been adopted by chambers across the country, as well as Canada and Alaska.

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