Hampton Manor discusses new water options

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People at Hampton Manor in East Greenbush met Monday night to learn about different water options.

A newly elected board is getting the public’s opinion on switching water sources for Hampton Manor. Currently, there is concern over sediment in the water such as dirt and sand.

One of the options is to put in a new filtration system for about $100,000.

Deb Frost lives in Hampton Manor, and she said she had to install her own filtration system. She said that prior to installing the system, she couldn’t swallow the water because it tasted so bad.

“You couldn’t really drink it,” she said. “I couldn’t get the water past my tongue. We put a culligan system that has five filters and that’s taking care of it. it’s resolved the whole issue. I can drink as much as I want now, and I’m happy with the taste. So if they can do that with the whole of Hampton Manor that would be wonderful.”

Another option for the town is to switch water sources to the Tomhannock Reservoir, but that was met with some criticism at Monday’s meeting.

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