4 UAlbany guards earn year end awards

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In the America East Conference, the UAlbany men’s backcourt was featured in Monday’s year end awards.

Evan Singletary and Ray Sanders both garnered first team nominations while Sanders also found his way back on the all-time defensive team for a second consecutive year.

Peter Hooley was a third-team selection, and Joe Cremo was named the Rookie of the Year and the Sixth Man of the Year.

All four guards average double digit points per game, and they all praised each other when asked about the honors.

“These guys push me every day,” Sanders. “I remember when Cremo first came in. Me and him and Evan and Jameer, we used to be in the gym together saying, ‘We’re gonna get this award. We’re gonna get that award.’ And we just used to push each other, and it finally happened for us.”

“I love those guys,” Cremo said. “As soon as I got here, they took me under their wing. Those seniors, they mean a lot to me. So I wanna keep this going for them. Just to have this award, and it’s voted on by the coaches and stuff, it’s pretty humbling for me. Take it as a boost of confidence and then just keep moving on.”

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